Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Maxie Boy!

Maxie continues to make each day a little brighter,.. he is such a goofball!!!

He greets you at the door,...and does spins at your feet to welcome you home.

He absolutly LOVES all the squirell action when outside,...he is determined to one day catch one,...

He and Angel are finally starting to play, as Maxie is finding out that it's okay to play with this "older lady",...

Maxie loves to cuddle and watch TV.,with his head resting alongside mine,.....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

I see a Squirrel!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Maxie Is A Good Boy!!

Maxie is as sweet as they come,.. he relishes all the attention you can give him, far no accidents in the house.
He and Angel get along just fine,..
When we visited the dog park yesterday, Maxie, stuck close by,.. even in the tall grass ,as Angel was off on a hunting mission , Maxie prefered to stay by my side,.

If you had never known Maxie's history, one would have never guessed that he and endured such horrible conditions,.....

This is my new favorite spot,..... Posted by Picasa

Hi, It's me Maxie,...I'm in Iowa, now waiting for my furever home!!! Posted by Picasa

Like my Feathers?? Posted by Picasa

HHMMM,..??? this smells a little different from home,.. Posted by Picasa

Meeting new friends,... Posted by Picasa

WHHOO HOOO,.. this dog park thing, is COOL!! Posted by Picasa

Finally Arriving in Des Moines,...

Maxie did real well riding in the car, he was a bit nervous at first, but settled down nicely.
He and Angel slept most of the 7 hours home.

Once we got home, we toured the yard, and Maxie enjoyed, sniffing out all the fun in my flower beds, then we headed inside to meet Steve, and my son, Steven.

Maxie walked right over to Steve ,and sat at his feet, to layed his head on Steve's knee, as if to ask, "Is is okay for me to stay here?"

After seeking approval, Maxie ate a little bit, and promptly passed out ,... in the middle of the floor,...
We crated him, in the kids room with lots of fluffy blankets, a pigs ear, and a little water,.. he wasn't to thrilled about going in the crate, but once inside we didn't hear a peep out of him,..

These Darn Hostas!!!,.. they always get in the way!! Posted by Picasa

WHAT IS IN HERE?? Posted by Picasa

HHmmmm,..??? Posted by Picasa

OOOHHH Yeah, Iowa,.. That's right,.....Where's Iowa? Posted by Picasa

Where did you say we were going? Posted by Picasa

Cars make me sleepy,.... Posted by Picasa

I'm, not so sure, I'm ready for this,.. is that a car? Posted by Picasa

Bye, Bye, Maxie,....  Posted by Picasa

Thank You Jan , for taking such good care of me,... Posted by Picasa

It's okay, Maxie,... come on,... Posted by Picasa

Angel telling Jan and Lilly,"We promise to take good care of Maxie,...." Posted by Picasa

Lilly, Maxie's litter mate,..... Posted by Picasa

Yes, Maxie, you are coming home with us! Posted by Picasa

Maxie in Front, and Lilly in the Dog House Posted by Picasa

30 Some Bird Dogs Were Taken In,,,,,

Illinois Bird Dog Rescue took in 30- plus dogs last February. English Setters, and English Pointers, of all ages, needing various amounts of vetrenary care. Seven months later we are happy to report that almost all of these dogs have been placed loving homes.

Maxie has been in foster care down in Arkansas, where he and his litter mate, Lilly, have been waiting their turn, to live the good life!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Maxie, along with some 60 other Bird Dogs were found living in these Steel Drums Posted by Picasa

Way Back In Februaury,....

A Call for help was heard from Harrison Arkansas,...some 60 Bird dogs were in trouble.
They were found, trapped on a mountain, and living in steel drums, with only horse carcasses and stale bread, to eat, and no water to drink,.....